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Animal Crossing Video Game Stickers

Animal Crossing Video Game Stickers

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Animal Crossing video game extremely colorful sticker pack.

✨️ All stickers are shipped via USPS using first class mail.  If you need expedited shipping, we offer priority mail as well.  Our stickers will ship in either a bubble mailer or rigid envelope.  Tracking will be provided via the USPS website.

🎲 Random Selection.  We offer you the opportunity to purchase a half pack of random stickers.  IF you choose this option, you will receive 25 stickers completely at random. I cannot guarantee you will receive a particular sticker. If you want to ensure you receive a particular one, please purchase the entire pack of 50 stickers.

📏 Size: Each sticker has its own unique size. Most of the stickers we sell range from 1.5 to 2 inches. 

🌦 Material: Our stickers are waterproof and made of vinyl PVC. You can apply them to virtually any surface, including water bottles, hydro flask, cell phones, laptop computers, scrapbooks, backpacks, lunch boxes, hard hats, guitars, car window and bumpers etc.

❤ Application: can be applied to smooth clean surfaces.  Please ensure all dirt, dust, oil or residue has been removed prior to application.  Please wait at least 12 hours before exposing to water, this will help with adhesion.  Our stickers are also heat resistant; however, the color will eventually fade after long exposure to sunlight or water.

🎂 Our stickers are great for birthday party presents or use them in piñatas or thank you bags.  They are also awesome for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

🚛 All items are shipped daily from Idaho.

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About Our Products


🎲 Selection. NO DUPLICATES GUARANTEED. Choose random 25 packs or complete 50 packs.

📏 Size: Each sticker packhas its own unique size.  Please see images for comparison next to a tape measure.


All of our stickers are made of 100% waterproof vinyl PVC. You can apply them to virtually any surface.


Prior to application please make sure your site is dry and free of dirt, grease or water. Only apply to flat surfaces. Allow the stickers 24 hours before allowing them to get wet.


All of our items are items ship USPS first class mail. We ship using bubble mailers to protect the products integrity.

Please make sure your address is correct. We are not responsible for an incorrect shipping address or lost mai.


We do accept returns as long as the items are in brand new condition. If the wrong item was shipped we will make it right. If you need to submit a return, please use the contact us tab.

How To Apply The Stickers

1. Ensure you have a flat surface

2. Wipe clean to ensure no dirt or residue on the surface

3. Remove the backing off the sticker

4. Apply to surface and adjust sticker as needed

5. Optional: Blow dry to increase adhesion- Keep dry for 24 hours.

  • Superior Durability

    All of our stickers are made of 100% vinyl PVC; making them: waterproof, smudge proof and sunfast

  • Perfect for Hydroflasks

    Our vast sticker collections offer you a wide variety of options when it comes to decorating your favorite water bottle

  • Awesome for holidays

    We offer many different sticker varieties that are sure to please everyone regardless of age.

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